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A collection of compass' stylesheet for bower dependencies and libsass
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Compass SASS Stylesheets

This is a repository to pull SASS style sheets on Bower, and enjoy the compass mixins by using libsass for faster compilation. This project makes minimal modifications to the original Compass 0.12.X stylesheets from the original repository, intented to improve libsass compatibility and not change output.

Compass Ruby Functions

This project includes reasonably similar implementations of some of the Ruby functions that Compass provides as Sass extensions. These are used in some Compass mixins, such as @include background().

To make those functions available to your compass mixins, you'll want to either @import "compass"; or @import "compass/functions"' before the specific compass scss files you import.


Guillaume Balaine Igosuki@github Michael Heillein michaek@github


Copyright (c) 2008-2009 Christopher M. Eppstein
All Rights Reserved.
Released under a slightly modified MIT License.

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