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A folder used for the development of a roguelike game. Includes Prototypes/Drafts.
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VERSION W.I.P/version w.i.p
Version 1.1/NewestVersion


How to run source code


*Note: This source code has been developed specifcally with Eclipse IDE.It has not been tested with other IDEs.

  1. Extract zip file and open the "Version 1.1/NewestVersion" Folder

2a) If using Eclipse IDE select "Version 1.1/NewestVersion import that archive into your workspace.

2b) If not using Eclipse IDE import all the files in the src folder within "Version 1.1/NewestVersion"

  1. Install Slick2D and LGWL plugins into your IDE. Slick2D and LGWL download into Eclipse.

  2. Compile and Run main function in

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