Layout-view for quickly setting margins or creating flexible layouts
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Box-layout is a simple yet powerful layout view for to:

  • Quickly add margins to a renderable
  • Link a renderable to an marginated region (e.g. add a border surface)

Box-layout takes an margins argument as input and then creates a layout accordingly. Box-layout is intended to be very lightweight and will only create layout-contents and properties for which an margin was specified. For instance, if all margins would be set to 0, then box-layout would create only one modifier, wrapped in a RenderNode, and that would be assigned to .middle.

A secondary goal of Box-layout is to reduce boilerplate code that you need to write when using layout-views such as GridLayout or FlexibleLayout. Because Box-layout exposes the renderables as properties, you can simple call <property>.add() to add modifiers and surfaces. Box-layout is modelled after the HeaderFooterLayout view and should be very familiar to use.


View the demo here

Getting started

Install using bower:

bower install famous-boxlayout

If necessary, add to the requirejs paths config:

    paths: {
        'famous-boxlayout': 'bower_components/famous-boxlayout/BoxLayout',

Create a surface with 20px margins all around:

var BoxLayout = require('famous-boxlayout');

var boxLayout = new BoxLayout({ margins: [20] });
boxLayout.middle.add(new Surface());

Create a surface with a 20px right margin:

var boxLayout = new BoxLayout({ margins: [0, 20, 0, 0] });
boxLayout.middle.add(new Surface());


The margins array is oriented in a clockwise manner: [top, right, bottom, left]. For convenience, the following shorthand notations can be used:

  • margins: [25, 50, 75, 100]
    • top margin is 25px
    • right margin is 50px
    • bottom margin is 75px
    • left margin is 100px
  • margins: [25, 50]
    • top and bottom margin are 25px
    • right and left margin are 50px
  • margins: [25]
    • all four margins are 25px


Dependent on which margins are specified, properties are created to which renderables can be added.

Property Description
.topLeft Top-left area, only created when both top- and left-margin are specified.
.top Top area, only created when top-margin is specified.
.topRight Top-right area, only created when both top- and right-margin are specified.
.left Left area, only created when left-margin is specified.
.middle Middle content, always created.
.right Right area, only created when right-margin is specified.
.bottomLeft Bottom-left area, only created when both bottom- and left-margin are specified.
.bottom Bottom area, only created when bottom-margin is specified.
.bottomRight Bottom-right area, only created when both bottom- and right-margin are specified.


var boxLayout = new BoxLayout({ margins: [0, 20] });
boxLayout.left.add(new Surface({properties: {backgroundColor: 'red'}}));
boxLayout.right.add(new Surface({properties: {backgroundColor: 'red'}}));

// The following line would throw an error because the top-margin is not set, 
// and thus .top is not created. Surface({properties: {backgroundColor: 'red'}}));


Feel free to contribute to this project in any way. The easiest way to support this project is by giving it a star.


© 2014 - Hein Rutjes