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See what's inside of your react-native bundle πŸ“¦


Uses the awesome source-map-explorer to visualize the output of the Metro bundler.


Sometimes, importing a single javascript library can drastically increase your bundle size. This package helps you to identify such a library, so you can keep the bundle size low and loading times fast.


Make sure npx is installed and run the following command in your project root

npx react-native-bundle-visualizer

Or install as a dev-dependency

yarn add --dev react-native-bundle-visualizer

And run it:

yarn run react-native-bundle-visualizer

or when using npm:

npm install --save-dev react-native-bundle-visualizer ./node_modules/.bin/react-native-bundle-visualizer

Command line arguments

All command-line arguments are optional. By default a production build will be created for the ios platform.

Option Description Example
platform Platform to build (default is ios) --platform ios
dev Dev or production build (default is false) --dev false
entry-file Entry-file (when omitted tries to auto-resolve it) --entry-file ./index.ios.js
bundle-output Output bundle-file (default is tmp) --bundle-output ./myapp.bundle
format Output format html, json or tsv (default is html) (see source-map-explorer options) --format json
only-mapped Exclude "unmapped" bytes from the output (default is false). This will result in total counts less than the file size. --only-mapped
verbose Dumps additional output to the console (default is false) --verbose
reset-cache Removes cached react-native files (default is false) --reset-cache
--expo Set this to true/ false based on whether using expo or not. For eg, set --expo true when using expo. Not required to pass this for react-native cli. (default is false) --expo false

Use react-native-bundle-visualizer@2 when targetting Expo SDK 40 or lower.

Version compatibility

Version Comments
3.x Compatible with React-Native CLI bootstrapped projects and Expo SDK 41 or higher.
2.x Compatible with React-Native CLI bootstrapped projects and Expo SDK 40 or earlier.
1.x Uses the Haul bundler instead instead of the Metro output.