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========================== Railroad Control - Experimental

This object is provided open source under the GPL V2 license. Although its just me doing initial discovery work on learning python, html, css, javascript, and jquerry (because I like trial by fire apparently) so use at your own risk.

Quick Information

The overall project goal is to get a working web based speed control for a Model Railroad. The interface will eventually consist of stop and start commands as well as an interactive speed control widget that is adaptive to work on most web capable platforms (mobile and pc). The background focus of this project is to get a working sample of an interactive web interface with python and flask for use in future project. The project is being developed on a Beaglebone Black.

The product page for the Beaglebone Black can be found at the Beagle Board Website

This project is in an experimental phase and will vary greatly between commits although I hope for more example worth code to be added when possible. Future goals that may be developed:

  • Web-sockets
  • Adaptvie layout
  • Uploadable graphics for customizing layouts

Hardware Required:

  • Beaglebone Black
  • Basic LEDs/resistors/jumper wires
  • Motor Driver from Pololu if hooking to a motor or Railroad

Contact Information

You can find me at my blog Scuttlebots or my github page HERE.


Web based control of a model railroad - experimental stage






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