plots number of notes and kanji in an Anki deck
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  • copy Anki's collection.anki2 file into kanjiplot folder
  • run ./
  • a dialog will appear, choose your kanji deck
  • view output.png


  • run ./ find
  • a dialog will appear, choose a deck
  • the <deck_id> will be printed
  • run ./ <deck_id> for automated plotting


  • put contents of folder web on a webserver
  • enjoy a d3.js powered interactive graph


  • view timelapse/index.html in your browser of choice (chromium requires flag --allow-file-access-from-files)
  • to view absolute states (meant for "Show specific day") run ./ raw_abs

###NOTE The script determines the number of kanji in your deck for every day you added at least one card, hence it will only work for self created decks where cards are added over time.


  • Use kanjiplot.bat instead of
  • Python and gnuplot must be installed and available in the PATH before you run kanjiplot.bat
  • You may have to edit the file kanjiplot.p to use another font if you don't have Dejavu Sans installed (Tahoma should work fine)