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Java Applications of Illarion (Client, Mapeditor, easyNPC Editor, Downloader)
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illabuild [All] General Update of the dependencies Oct 4, 2015
illaclient [Client] Prevent IOB crash when an illegal value is given for an anim… Oct 13, 2015
illacommon Create AudioPlayer to interface with engine sounds, track volume changes Oct 9, 2015
illacompiler [All] General Update of the dependencies Oct 4, 2015
illadownload [All] General Update of the dependencies Oct 4, 2015
illaeasynpc Address PMD and FindBugs issues. Oct 10, 2015
illaeasyquest [All] Java 8! :D May 23, 2015
illagameengine-libgdx Address PMD and FindBugs issues. Oct 10, 2015
illagameengine-nifty [All] Java 8! :D May 23, 2015
illagameengine [engine-libGDX] Updated libGDX to 1.7 and adapted the mouse cursor Oct 4, 2015
illamapedit Address PMD and FindBugs issues. Oct 10, 2015
nifty-controls-illarion [Nifty-Control] Improved layout of inventory slot Sep 21, 2015
nifty-style-illarion Logout button uses own graphic Oct 10, 2015
.gitattributes [Client] Fixing a null pointer crash while updating the avatar Jul 14, 2014
.gitignore [Download] Maven Downloader korrigiert (offline start) May 1, 2015 [General] Correct mistakes in Nov 11, 2013
README.txt Initial Commit Jun 13, 2011
build.gradle [All] General Update of the dependencies Oct 4, 2015
gradlew Set +x for gradlew Sep 29, 2014
gradlew.bat [Build] Setting up engine for build May 1, 2013
javafx.plugin [Download] Updated JavaFX Plugin Jun 24, 2015
pmd.xml [All] Resolved some PMD issues Jun 26, 2015
settings.gradle [Engine-slick] Removed slick implementation of the game engine Feb 21, 2015
versions.gradle Incremented version to next release Apr 18, 2016

Illarion Java Applications

Build Status


Illarion is the online multiplayer roleplaying game developed and maintained by the Illarion e.V. This repository contains all published client applications.


The applications in this repository are the Illarion Client, the easyNPC editor, the easyQuest editor and the map editor. Also there is a small utility to download and update the applications on the players' computers.


The team of Illarion is always looking for new members who want to support our project. This project is developed only by volunteers, who don't get paid for their work. However, there is much experience to be gained by joining the development of this project.

For further information check out our homepage:

Any changes to the applications can be applied using pull requests.


Illarion is using Gradle and the Gradle wrapper to build the application. To build the application from command line simply enter:

gradlew build

The Gradle wrapper will take care of downloading Gradle, all dependencies and will perform the build. Make sure you have got a JDK >= 6 installed.

IDE integration

IntelliJ IDEA

To integrate the build properly into the IntelliJ IDEA IDE you should use the "Import Project" functionality and then select the file build.gradle in the project root directory. While importing make sure that "Use gradle wapper" is selected.

Afterwards the JetGradle task will allow you to control build operations.

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