A merge between my planet framework and open gl graphics framework that will develop into a space sim focused game engine
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Extra Terrestial Engine

Space sim focused engine created from a merge of:

Full feature list and backlog here: LINK

Build Status

Service System Compiler Branch Status
AppVeyor Windows 32 Visual Studio 2015 master AppVeyor

How to build

Building Bullet Physics

The Engine uses Bullet Physics and has prebuilt libfiles for Visual Studio 2015. If you want to use a different compiler, you need to build bullet for it, otherwise you can skip this section.

Clone bullet from https://github.com/bulletphysics/bullet3/ and download CMake. You will need .lib files for Debug_x32, Release_x32, Debug_x64 and Release_x64, and they need to go in the respective folders in dependancies.

When you generate the project files with cmake, make sure to check the option "USE_MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARY_DLL". Build ALL_BUILD and check the /lib/ directory where you cloned bullet. The files you should copy are:

  • BulletCollsion.lib
  • BulletDynamics.lib
  • LinearMath.lib

Make sure to remove any "_Debug" suffixes from the filenames.

Building the Engine

ETEngine uses a project generation tool called GENie to generate project files. Currently only project generation for Visual Studio 2015 has been tested, but support for Linux makefiles should soon be added.

In order to build the project, first download the GENie executable. The easiest thing for later use would be installing it in your PATH, but you can also use the executable anywhere else. Next, open a terminal and navigate to the repository root folder, and execute:

genie --file=build/genie.lua vs2015

If you didn't install GENie in your path it would look more like

.\relative\path\to\your\genie.exe --file=build/genie.lua [preferred visual studio version]

Next open the solution that was generated at build/ETEngine.sln in visual studio, select the desired configuration (Development is good for most purposes), and build as usual.

The final executable will appear in bin/[configuration]_[platform]/Demo/Demo.exe

Unit Tests

ETEngine uses catch (currently version 1) to perform unit tests.

To run unit tests, generate the project files as before, and set Testing as your startup project, and compile it.

For a brief test you can simply run it from Visual Studio and check that the exit code is 0x0 If you want more details on tests that fail, run the generated executable from a terminal:



Currently used libraries: SDL2, catch, FreeImage, freetype, Bullet Physics, OpenAL-soft, stb_vorbis, RTTR, GLAD, MikkTSpace and Assimp.

Also a bunch of (modified) code from Eric Brunetons atmospheric scattering implementation.

for library licenses see Library Licenses.md



Atmospheric Perspective Upper Atmosphere


From Space Surface view

Render Pipeline

PBR and IBL Experimental CSM and SSR 2500 Lights with deferred rendering and Bloom


Star fields

Moar Screenshots