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#pragma once
class Camera;
class Camera;
class Transform;
class Shader;
struct Plane
n = glm::vec3(0, 1, 0);
d = glm::vec3(0, 0, 0);
Plane(glm::vec3 normal, glm::vec3 det)
n = normal;
d = det;
Plane(glm::vec3 a, glm::vec3 b, glm::vec3 c)
d = a;
n = glm::normalize(glm::cross(-b + a, c - a));
glm::vec3 n;
glm::vec3 d;
enum class VolumeTri
class Frustum
void Init();
void Update();
void Draw();
void SetToCamera(Camera* pCamera);
void SetCullTransform(glm::mat4 objectWorld);
bool Contains(glm::vec3 p);
VolumeTri ContainsTriangle(glm::vec3 &a, glm::vec3 &b, glm::vec3 &c);
VolumeTri ContainsTriVolume(glm::vec3 &a, glm::vec3 &b, glm::vec3 &c, float height);
const glm::vec3 &GetPositionOS() { return m_PositionObject; }
const float GetFOV() { return m_FOV; }
const float GetRadInvFOV() { return m_RadInvFOV; }
//transform to the culled objects object space and back to world space
glm::mat4 m_CullWorld, m_CullInverse;
//stuff in the culled objects object space
std::vector<Plane> m_Planes;
glm::vec3 m_PositionObject;
float m_RadInvFOV;
//camera parameters for locking
glm::vec3 m_Position;
glm::vec3 m_Forward;
glm::vec3 m_Up;
glm::vec3 m_Right;
float m_NearPlane, m_FarPlane, m_FOV;
//debug rendering
std::vector<glm::vec3> m_Corners;
GLuint m_VAO;
GLuint m_VBO;
Shader *m_pWireShader = nullptr;
GLint m_uModelWire;
GLint m_uViewProjWire;