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@IllidanS4 IllidanS4 released this Oct 29, 2018 · 333 commits to master since this release


  • pp_max_recursion to prevent crashes related to native recursion.
  • task_bind returns the immediate result if it is available.
  • A task scheduled to be completed after 0-length time interval will be still executed in the current tick, but postponed after all other code.
  • task_config to control which sections of the memory should be stored.
  • Finishing a task after a time interval: task_set_result_ms, task_set_result_ticks, task_set_error_ms, task_set_error_ticks.


  • Tags ConstString and ConstVariant have been introduced to better distinguish functions which shall not modify the input object. Their use in code is optional. (Note about tag inheritance: String inherits from ConstString.)
  • Added task_bind to create a task from a public function.
  • All native functions now check for the correct argument count.
  • PP_ALL_TAGS may be defined for compilers which support tag wildcard.
  • Tag instances store their operations with them, so indexing a map is no longer needed when calling operations dynamically. The unknown tag (now with the internal representation of {...}) is the base of all other tags.
  • var_inc and var_dec are finally implemented, together with the operator overloads. Dynamically defining or calling these operations now also works.
  • Dynamically defined tag operations (tag_set_op) cache the public function index, making them a lot faster.
  • Fixed calling pawn_call_public and pawn_call_native with no arguments.
  • Fixed argument offset in pawn_register_callback and pawn_add_filter.
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