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@IllidanS4 IllidanS4 released this Oct 13, 2018 · 355 commits to master since this release


  • Proper native hooks (pawn_add_hook). The original function can be directly called by calling the native again inside the hook, modifying freely the arguments or return value.
  • Filters reimplemented using the new system.
  • Maximum amount of hooks increased to 1024 (was 256).


  • Changed how dynamic callbacks work, resulting in higher compatibility with other plugins. Hooking amx_FindPublic is no longer necessary.
  • New options for callbacks, specifying the presence of return value or allowing modification of input arguments.
  • The base public function must be provided now in order to register dynamic callbacks (for providing the index and default return value).


  • Added linked lists. Created by linked_list_new, a linked list is similar to the standard list, but its elements are kept as separate objects in the memory, linked together via references to neighboring links. Iterators to linked lists remain valid even when the list is modified.


  • Task which is currently being completed will not be fully deleted.
  • Caching of callback and hook handler names, resulting in speed increase.
  • pawn_get_args for obtaining all arguments provided to the function.
  • Fixed signed characters conversion in strings.
  • Partial implementation of GCA. Optional arguments are checked at runtime and several cached values are accompanied by validity checks.
  • Generic syntax is now optional (define PP_SYNTAX_GENERIC).
  • amx_public_var fixed.
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