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Small sketches with some general helpers for android + arduino development. (Mobile Inside Out Workshop)
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Arduino Examples

Examples usage of android and processing and arduino.

List of examples

Camera Example

Simple processing example of loading pixels from the camera. (From Mobile Inside Out Workshop by Jonas Jongejan)

Gamepad Example

Processing example getting keyDown's on the Xperia play phone, and the keyCodes of the special keys. (From Mobile Inside Out Workshop by Jonas Jongejan)

GPS Example

Processing example getting GPS information into processing. (From Mobile Inside Out Workshop by Jonas Jongejan)

Arduino Communication Example

Processing example sending and getting data to an arduino over TCP communication via a USB host shield. (From Mobile Inside Out Workshop by Mads Høbye)

Android Communication Example

Android sketch showing how to send and receive data on the arduino with an android.

Feel free to add more examples!

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