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#pragma once
#include "ofMain.h"
#include "jansson.h"
#include "ofxJansson.h"
#include "MSAInterpolator.h"
struct Location {
string oid;
// global coordinates
double lat;
double lng;
// local pixel coordinates in visualization
ofPoint marker;
float markerRadius;
// label
string road;
string dir_one_label;
string dir_two_label;
MSA::Interpolator1D dir_one;
MSA::Interpolator1D dir_two;
class Data {
void setup();
void update();
void debugDraw();
void getData();
vector<Location> locations;
//double maxLat;
//double minLat;
//double maxLng;
//double minLng;
int maxStatEntry;
int maxCombinedStatEntry;
void getLocations();
void getStatEntries(Location* location);
ofxJansson ofxjan;
string DATA_HOST;
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