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//// Addon to communicate with the ABB S3 controller ////
///// Created by Jonas Jongejan on 2011 /////
#pragma once
#include "adlpCom.h"
#include "arapParser.h"
#include "arapInstructions.h"
#include "ofxXmlSettings.h"
#include "ofxVectorMath.h"
#include "coordinateHandler.h"
class ofxABBRobot {
//This is where the serial communication happens
ADLPCom * com;
//This is for creating ARAP messages correctly
ARAPParser * parser;
//This is coordinating the 3d space
CoordinateHandler * coordHandler;
//Tell the robot to start a program
void startProgram(bool fromStart, int program);
//Tell the robot to stop the current program
void stopProgram();
//Set the operation mode of the robot
void writeMode(ARAP_MODE mode);
//Read the current status of the robot
ARAP_STATUS readStatus(bool async=false);
//Download a program (binary)
ARAP_PROGRAM receiveProgram(int program);
//Ask the robot to move to a specific coordinate. (or vector of coordinates) unit is mm
void move(ARAP_COORDINATE coord, float velocity, float runSpeed=1, bool absolute=true, bool robotCoordinates=false);
void move(vector<ARAP_COORDINATE> coords, float velocity, float runSpeed=1, bool absolute=true, bool robotCoordinates=false);
//Move in the calibrated plane
void movePlane(vector<ofxVec3f> coords, float velocity, bool robotCord = false, float runSpeed=1);
//Returns if the supplied message is a warning or error
bool isErrorMessage(ARAPMessage msg);
bool isWarningMessage(ARAPMessage msg);
//Creates a human readable string from an error or warning message
string errorMessageToString(ARAPMessage msg);
string warningMessageToString(ARAPMessage msg);
//Move the arm to one of the corners, and call thsi function to calibrate and save the data
//Corner 0 is the reference point (top left)
//Corner 1 is the x axis (top right)
//Corner 2 is the y axis (bottom left)
void storeCalibrationCorner(int corner);
//Run the drawing code from drawing.xml (in the data dir)
void runDrawing(float speed);
//Add a message to the queue, and wait for response message
ARAPMessage responseSyncQuery(ARAPMessage msg);
//Add message to queue and don't wait for any response
void commandQuery(ARAPMessage msg);
void sendMoveMessage(ARAP_COORDINATE coord, float velocity, float runSpeed, int functionSuffix, unsigned char moveData, bool last);
long responseCounter;
ofxXmlSettings * xml;
ofxXmlSettings * drawing;
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