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#pragma once
#include "ofSerialEven.h"
#include "arapParser.h"
#include "ofxThread.h"
#define ENQ 0x05
#define ACK 0x06
#define WACK 0x0E
#define RVI 0x0F
#define NAK 0x15
#define DLE 0x10
#define STXeven 0x02
#define STXodd 0x82
#define ETX 0x03
#define EOT 0x04
#define incommingBufferSize 100
#define ADLP_DEBUG 0
class ADLPCom : public ofxThread{
//add message to the outgoing message queue
void queueMessage(ARAPMessage message);
//Get all messaages in the inbox
vector<ARAPMessage> readMessages();
//Get all messages newer then a certain message count in the inbox (usefull for checking for deltas)
vector<ARAPMessage> readMessagesAfterCount(long count);
//For each new message that is received this will ++
long readMessageCounter;
//Is the robot connected (serial)
bool connected;
//Status indications
bool receivingMessage;
bool sendingMessage;
ofSerialEven serial;
//Determines what to do with each incomming byte from the controller
void parseIncommingByte(unsigned char bytesReturned);
//Inbox stuff
vector<ARAPMessage> incommingMessages; //the inbox
int incommingMessageIndex;
ARAPMessage incommingMessageTemp;
bool incommingFormalities[5];
bool waitingForResponse;
//Outgoing stuff
vector<ARAPMessage> messageQueue; //the outbox
bool outgoingFormalities[2];
int multimessageDataIndex;
bool sendingMultimessage;
bool readyToSendNextMultiMessage;
vector<unsigned char> lastSending;
//The loop for the serial stuff
void threadedFunction();
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