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#include "ofConstants.h"
#include "ofxIndustrialRobotThread.h"
#include "ofxIndustrialRobotVisualizer.h"
#include "ofxIndustrialRobotDefines.h"
class ofxIndustrialRobot {
enum Input {
ofxIndustrialRobot(ofBaseApp * app);
void drawVisualizer(int x, int y, int w, int h);
ofxIndustrialRobotThread thread;
ofxIndustrialRobotVisualizer * visualizer;
ofBaseApp * app;
bool addPositionCue(float speed, ofVec3f target, ofVec3f dir, bool cubicSpline = true, bool endPause=false, bool endInZeroSpeed=false,bool lock=true);
int timelineCuesLeft(bool lock=true);
bool setGravityTarget(ofVec3f target, ofVec3f dir, float force = 1.0, float maxSpeed = 0, ofxIndustrialRobotDefines::HandVariant variant = ofxIndustrialRobotDefines::Auto, bool lock=true);
bool isLegalTarget(ofVec3f target, ofVec3f dir, ofxIndustrialRobotDefines::HandVariant variant = ofxIndustrialRobotDefines::Auto, bool lock=true);
void setInput(Input input);
ofVec3f getCurrentTarget(bool lock=true);
ofVec3f getCurrentDir(bool lock=true);
ofVec3f getCurrentGravityTarget(bool lock=true);
ofVec3f getCurrentGravityDir(bool lock=true);
float getHandLength(bool lock=true);
float getHandHeight(bool lock=true);
ofVec3f getDistanceToPointv(ofVec3f p,bool lock=true);
float getDistanceToPointf(ofVec3f p,bool lock=true);
ofVec3f getDistanceToGravityTargetv(bool lock=true);
float getDistanceToGravityTargetf(bool lock=true);
float getVariant(bool lock=true);
ofxIndustrialRobotDefines::HandVariant getVariantGoal(bool lock=true);
bool isRobotReady(float radius = 1.0,bool lock=true);
bool isRobotDirReady(bool lock=true);
bool isRobotDirReady(double margin, bool lock=true);
bool isRobotVariantReady(bool lock=true);
bool isRobotVariantReady(float margin, bool lock=true);
bool isRobotPositionReady(float radius = 1.0,bool lock=true);
bool isRobotFlagsReady();
bool getEmergencyStop();
bool getLocked();
//Locks the variant so it can't be changed
void lockVariant(bool lock,bool threadlock=true);
//Returns true if the robot would like to change the variant (also its locked)
bool willChangeVariant(bool lock=true);
void panic(string msg);
void gotoStartPosition();
//The position the robot is in after a reset
void gotoResetPosition();
ofxIndustrialRobotSerial * getSerial();
void resetRobot();
bool startReady;
bool startPhase2;