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#pragma once
#include "ofxIndustrialRobotCoreData.h"
#include "ofxXmlSettings.h"
class ofxIndustrialRobotMotorConverter {
ofxIndustrialRobotCoreData * armdata;
float multFactor[5], addFactor[5];
float lengtha[5], lengthb[5], angleAdd[5];
ofxXmlSettings *XML;
void loadXml();
float convertRotation(int n);
float convertRotation(int n, float val);
float convertRotation(int n, float val, float values[5]);
float convertO(int n, float val);
float convertO(int n, float val, float values[5]);
float getMinRotation(int n, float v[5]);
float getMaxRotation(int n, float v[5]);
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