My personal vimrc, zshrc and iTerm profile.
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All of my frequently used dotfiles, including:

  • Vim config (.vimrc) and spell file (spell-file.add)
  • Z-Shell config (.zhsrc)
  • iTerm profile (itermrc.json) as JSON
  • LaTeX make config (latexmkrc)

Currently, I am using Vim 8. My package manager of choice is Plug; after installation, run PlugInstall. The skeleton files are in a separate repository, you can find them here.

My zsh setup is managed by oh-my-zsh. Aliases are also in .zshrc. Theme is Spaceship.

iTerm is a great alternative to macOS The profile is a JSON export of my profile settings; to import Preferences -> General -> Load preferences from a custom folder or URL.

The latexmkrc is the default settings for latexmk. Useful for cleaning output files, setting a default previewer, etc.