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Better interface for default Apache directory theme (Watch it live)

Did you know that Victorio was a warrior and chief of the Warm Springs band of the Tchihendeh division of the central Apaches ? Me neither but Wikipedia does.


Victorio aims to enhance the visual aspect of your Apache directory theme by adding some CSS and JS to your page.

  • CSS to style your page.
  • Search bar to find specific element.
  • Responsive.
  • Custom icons depending on file's MIME.
  • Custom header and footer message.


  • Download Victorio
  • Copy and paste .victorio folder and .htaccess file to the folder you want to customize
  • Open and edit .htaccess file. Replace all occurences of /PATH_FROM_ROOT_TO by the path from root to the folder where you paste .victorio and .htaccess (Eg : if you're in the folder : replace /PATH_FROM_ROOT_TO by /listing)
  • Feel free to take a look at the other options available in the .htaccess file and edit .victorio/header.html, .victorio/footer.html and .victorio/style.css at your convenience
  • Voilà


If you want to change the Victorio theme, go in .victorio folder and edit :

  • header.html
  • footer.html
  • style.css

Adding / modifying icons by opening the .htaccess file and editing the list AddIcon


Inspiration from Adam Whitcroft and Lars Jung, Icons from Fatcow.