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Transcription Regulation and Epigenetic Landscape Explorer
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Transcriptional Regulation and Epigenetic Landscape (TREL)

A web interface onto the data published as Heinäniemi, Merja, et al. "Gene-pair expression signatures reveal lineage control." Nature methods 10.6 (2013): 577-583. Paper can be viewed [here] (



  • protovis
  • visquick
  • extjs 3.4.0
  • openlayers

The dependencies can be found at

release 0.1

visquick and openlayers should be unzipped into the webapp/js folder. the subfolders will be visquick-core-1.0 openlayers

3d and extjs should be unzipped into the webapp/ folder. the subfolders will be extjs/3.4.0/... 3d/

The underlying data tables are served through a Java Web Application layer (Google Data Service API) that connects to a Mysql backend.

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