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Helm chart for NFS provisioner
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Helm chart for nfs-provisioner

This is a Helm chart for nfs-provisioner.


This chart is probably deprecated, as there is now official nfs-server-provisioner chart.

Reasons to use

To my knowledge, nfs-provisioner is the easiest way to deploy a storage provisioner (which fulfills Persistent Volume Claims) on a Kubernetes clusters running on standalone bare metal machine, using local system storage.

In a cloud environment, it may be used to optimize disk usage and IOPS costs. For that, nfs-provisioner may allocate a single Persistent Volume of certain size (e.g. 100gig) from a cloud native provisioner (such as EBS), then fullfil multiple local Persistent Volume Claims of any size that will share that single EBS volume.


  • Kubernetes 1.6+
  • PSP not enabled
  • Helm

It is highly recommended that you enable RBAC.


helm repo add nfs-provisioner
helm install --name nfs-provisioner --namespace nfs-provisioner nfs-provisioner/nfs-provisioner


The following defaults are used. You can override them with --set variable=value, or with --values myvalues.yaml.




To disable RBAC support, set this to false. It is recommended that you use RBAC and leave this enabled. However, you can disable it to create your own RoleBinding and Role.

Default: true




Default: local-nfs

provisionerVolume.mode and provisionerVolume.settings

There are a number of modes you can use. These are the available options.

Mode Description Available settings
hostPath (default) A hostPath volume mounts a file or directory from the host node’s filesystem into your pod:
  • path: "/directory/location/on/host" (defaults to /srv/nfs-provisioner)
tmpFs mount a tmpfs (RAM-backed filesystem) instead of using the host node's storage or a PVC. This is very fast and very volatile but might be useful for things like caches and temporary workspaces. none
emptyDir An emptyDir volume is first created when a Pod is assigned to a Node, and exists as long as that Pod is running on that node: none
pvc Make a Persistent Volume Claim for the nfs-provisioner:
  • storageSize: "5Gi" (defaults to 1Gi)

To set a mode, set the provisionerVolume.mode value. For instance:

--set provisionerVolume.mode=pvc

To adjust settings, set the provisionerVolume.settings.<setting_name> value. For instance:

--set provisionerVolume.settings.storageSize=5gi


Whether to mark this storage provisioner as default. If set to true, unlabelled Persistent Volume Claims will use this provisioner.

Default: false


REMOVED Please use the following configuration instead.

  mode: "hostPath"


REMOVED Please use the following configuration instead.

  mode: "tmpFs"


  • Dynamically name resources (allow to run multiple provisioners simultaneously)
  • Support PSP?

PRs are welcome.

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