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Any user created scripts to manage/interact with the Magic TV will go here.

Credit: parkerlreed

Script that accepts an RF channel number along with subchannel and plays it in a media player (currently set to mpv)

You can get your local channel mappings from

py3 version for Python 3. In Python 2 strings sent over a socket were already byte streams. Python 3 requires the data to be explicitly formatted as a byte stream.

Note about subchannels

So one channel I was viewing has the same stream on 0 and 1 making me think both referrenced the same across all channels. This is not the case. Other channels I have been trying only have a stream on 0 (the actual first subchannel). When passing subchannel to the script, start at 0. I had the conversion in there in an earlier version but it caused some issues.

Credit: parkerlreed

Script to scan for the base frequencies you can receive. Prints as it's scanning and then once more at the end.

TODO: Implement mpeg2 library to verify valid signal and grab program/subchannel data.

Python 3 required. Python 2 needs modification to the message strings to work.