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Quit Social Media

Do you find it hard to stop using social media, especially on your mobile device? So do I. I made to help.

Visit with your mobile browser and select an app you'd like to stop using. Add it to your phone's home screen:

  • Safari on iOS: Tap the share icon (), select Add to Home Screen and then Add.
  • Chrome on Android: Tap Add to Homescreen.

Move or uninstall the real app, and replace it with the shortcut. Now, when your muscle memory makes you open the app, the fake app will open instead!

How it works

The app installs a Progressive Web App which looks just like the real app.

The fake app caches its resources for offline access. Your recent visits are stored on your device using localStorage, and doesn't track any usage metrics server-side.

The app's resources are served over HTTPS from a static-site-only App Engine app.


  • Reddit
  • Slack
  • Snapchat


Just stay off the internet



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