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Cellular Automata Simulating Ebola

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The simulation of the spread of the Ebola virus in a Cellular Automata made using C. Working program has functionality in both a serial and parallel computing environment, along with a visualization web application built with PHP.


  1. Adjust output parameters in the header.h of the respective program. (Parallel/Serial)
  2. Execute the program and allow sufficient time for generation, ./ebola or use the makefile make quickrun.
  3. Once execution has completed, copy the contents of the /output directory and copy it to ebola-visualization/public.
    • api.php - Contains definitions taken from the header.h during execution which defines the world parameters.
    • data.json - Raw JSON data which contains the results of generation, this gets larger depending on the number of generations that were executed, a safe bet is to usually generate around 1-500.


The following pre-existing commands are defined in the makefiles in both versions of the program:

  • quickrun Generates, compiles and then executes the program.
  • generate Generates the output binary files for the C program.
  • compile Compiles the C binary files, requires generated output files to work.
  • clean Cleans up the working directory of all output files and the executable, this should only be done when rebuilding.