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International Skin Imaging Collaboration: Melanoma Project
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International Skin Imaging Collaboration: Melanoma Project

Slides from the SciPy 2015 presentation are available.

Development Environment Installation


  • Linux or OSX (Windows host development is possible, but requires additional setup steps)
  • Git
  • Vagrant
  • vagrant-hostsupdater
  • VirtualBox (this may sometimes be installed automatically by Vagrant)


  • Clone the repository:

    # from within your preferred source development directory
    git clone
    cd isic-archive
  • Launch and automatically provision the development VM:

    # from within the "isic-archive" sub-directory
    vagrant up
  • Use a web browser to visit http://isic-archive.test/admin from your host development machine.

  • Login as the user admin with password password. This user can be also used for granting additional access permissions to subsequent new users. This user may be deleted once another site admin user is created.


  • To rebuild the front-end code after development changes:

    # from within the "isic-archive" sub-directory
    vagrant ssh
    cd ~/isic_archive/isic-archive-gui
    yarn install
    yarn run build
  • To automatically rebuild the front-end code as changed client files are saved, start and leave running:

    yarn run serve
  • To proxy all API calls to an external instance during front-end development, run:

    export API_HOST=
    yarn run serve
  • To inspect various logs:

    # Girder's console output
    journalctl -f -u girder
    # Mongodb's console output
    tail -F /var/log/mongodb/mongod.log
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