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It only took 6 months:

  1. Buy a smart card.
  2. Go through multi-step security theater based around e-mailing of easy-to-forge photos of documents that the recipient had no ability to verify anyway.
  3. Install and configure weirdo bespoke software for the smart card. It opens an SSH-server-hanging popup asking for a PIN, so I can't have headless automatic builds.
  4. Install certificates through Internet Explorer (the only browser supported by the security-minded Certificate Authority).
  5. Copy & paste a bunch of obscure commands printing "Internal Error (0xF0AD)", documented for Windows Vista in form of Vogon poetry.

And now you have the gifski.exe with a digital signature! Obsolete SHA-1, no less! Thanks to this fantastic marvel of modern technology, instead of getting a scary window with "OMG every exe is a virus!" when running gifski.exe, now you get the fancy "OMG every exe is a virus! But from a Publisher" window.