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Releases: ImageOptim/mozjpeg-cocoa

3.0 (prerelease)

21 Dec 03:49
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Based on MozJPEG 3.0.


./cjpeg -quality 60 -outfile out.jpg in.png

If colors are smudged:

./cjpeg -sample 1x1 -quality 60 -outfile out.jpg in.png

When generating high-resolution images:

./cjpeg -quant-table 2 -quality 30 -outfile out.jpg in.png

The binary has been compiled for OS X 10.10 and 64-bit Intel.
Compatibility with older systems is ¯_(ツ)_/¯

mozjpeg cjpeg for Mac

28 Jul 23:54
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  • all features in mozjpeg 2.0.1, except SIMD acceleration
  • compressive images for Retina display: mozilla#76
  • deringing for high-contrast text/lines: mozilla#7

Supports OS X 10.7+.