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<%@ Page language="C#"%>
Copyright 2002-2011 Corey Trager
Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License
<!-- #include file = "inc.aspx" -->
<script language="C#" runat="server">
DataSet ds;
Security security;
void Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
security = new Security();
security.check_security( HttpContext.Current, Security.MUST_BE_ADMIN);
titl.InnerText = Util.get_setting("AppTitle","BugTracker.NET") + " - "
+ "user defined attribute values";
ds = btnet.DbUtil.get_dataset(
@"select udf_id [id],
udf_name [user defined attribute value],
udf_sort_seq [sort seq],
case when udf_default = 1 then 'Y' else 'N' end [default],
udf_id [hidden]
from user_defined_attribute order by udf_name");
<title id="titl" runat="server">btnet user defined attributes</title>
<link rel="StyleSheet" href="btnet.css" type="text/css">
<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript" src="sortable.js"></script>
<% security.write_menu(Response, "admin"); %>
<div class=align>
<a href=edit_udf.aspx>add new user defined attribute value</a>
if (ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count > 0)
Response, ds, "edit_udf.aspx?id=", "delete_udf.aspx?id=");
Response.Write ("No user defined attributes in the database.");
<% Response.Write(Application["custom_footer"]); %></body>
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