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Imaginary Teleprompter

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Imaginary Teleprompter

Core files of our Teleprompter software. This repo contains all the features present in the standalone desktop version and necesary files for a mobile version to work.

If you intend to make standalone executables and gain access to the Electron exclusive features, please see Imaginary-Teleprompter-Electron. You may also test the latest release on your web browser at


"Teleprompter" is the most complete, free software, professional teleprompter for anyone to use.

It's built on web technologies so anyone can customize it to their needs. It may run on a web browser or as a standalone application for better performance and additional features. Standalone version runs on Linux, Mac OS, Windows and Free BSD.

Help & Support

If you have an issue, please write it to us, we will help you or fix the bug.




Imaginary Sense Inc. & Contributors


This software is under GPL3 license.