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package fr.splayce.rel.flavors
import fr.splayce.rel._
import util.{Flavor, Rewriter}
/** ․NET flavor
* This flavor:
* - embedds group names in regex (`(?<name>expr)` / `\k<name>` syntax)
* even with multiple groups of the same name
* - convert possessive quantifiers to greedy in atomic groups
* - translate `\w` (when referenced by `μ` / `Word`) into `[a-zA-Z0-9_]`
* because .NET's `\w` would also matches letters with diacritics
* while Java's `\w` only matches ASCII letters
* (use `\p{L}` insead with `λ` / `Letter` for all Unicode letters)
* @see [[fr.splayce.rel.flavors.PossessiveToAtomic]]
* @see [[ .NET regex flavor]],
object DotNETFlavor extends Flavor(".NET") with EmbedGroupNames with PossessiveToAtomic {
override val groupNamingUnicity = false
private val ASCIIWord = new TranslatedRECst("[a-zA-Z0-9_]")
private val NotASCIIWord = new TranslatedRECst("[^a-zA-Z0-9_]")
override val translator: Rewriter = {
// .NET's \w would also match letters with diacritics
case Word => DotNETFlavor.ASCIIWord
case NotWord => DotNETFlavor.NotASCIIWord
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