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Imagination For People Web Application

Codenamed "I4P".

Imagination for People (IP) is first and foremost a community of citizens from all over the globe who believe that creativity can be used in practical ways to make a positive social impact. Basically, we believe in imagination for the common good.

This software is the technical platform of the IP project. You can find it at http://imaginationforpeople.org

You can find the full documentation at: http://i4p.readthedocs.org/en/develop/

image:: https://secure.travis-ci.org/ImaginationForPeople/imaginationforpeople.png

alt:Build Status




This software is licensed under the AGPLv3 (See COPYING file for more information).

The media (pictures, sounds, videos, ...) are licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA (See MEDIA_COPYING for more information) to the exception of the files where the "Imagination For People" appears.


See AUTHORS file.