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Shadhin Ovidhan Windows

Shadhin Ovidhan Windows - Unicode based Open-source Bengali-English-Bengali Dictionary.

Visit: for latest version.

How to compile:

This section describes briefly how to compile Shadhin Ovidhan Windows from source.

  1. If you need further help regarding codes from Imaginative World, you can contact us at:

  2. If you need assistance regarding codes from 3rd party libraries used in Shadhin Ovidhan Windows (see below for list), contact respective authors of that library.

Required Delphi Version:

Delphi 2010

Required 3rd party libraries:

This source includes the following 3rd party libraries:

Before compiling, you have to install the following 3rd party libraries in you Delphi environment:

  1. DISQLite3. Freeware (Not open source). Site:

  2. ICS. Freeware with Source Code. Site:

  3. Delphi Jedi (JVCL and JCL). Open source. Site:

If you are ready with the above mentions requirements, the delphi project files (*.dpr) should be compiled without any problem.

Building Standard and Portable editions

Open file in the root folder of the source.

For building portable edition, add the following line in this file and compile:

{$Define PortableOn} 

For building standard edition, remove the above line from the file or make it a comment like the following and then compile:

{.$Define PortableOn} 


//{$Define PortableOn} 

Portable edition - extra note

Portable version of Shadhin Ovidhan need some extra files e.g. fonts, IComplex.exe etc. Those should be in same folder with portable version of Shadhin Ovidhan.

Portable Wizard - extra note

Portable wizard need following required files in a sub-folder named "Tools":

  • IComplex.exe
  • Kalpurush.TTF
  • Nirmala.TTF
  • NirmalaB.TTF
  • NirmalaS.TTF
  • SiyamRupali.TTF
  • Shadhin_Ovidhan_Launcher.exe
  • ShadhinOvidhan.exe (Portable version)
  • SOBanglaAidKit.exe

Folder Definitions

  • Help_Data: It has the html, css and image files needed by "SOHelp.exe". The folder should be in same folder with "SOHelp.exe" file.
  • Other Files: Here other files e.g. fonts etc. needed by Shadhin Ovidhan are given.
  • Databases: All the database are found here. Database files should have ".dll" extension to work with executable files.

See full file list and how to arrange files, by installing latest version of Shadhin Ovidhan.


From version 2x, Shadhin Ovidhan Windows goes open source from freeware, licensed under MOZILLA PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.0. You should receive a copy of the license in MPL-2.0.txt file with both binaries and source. An online version of the license can be found at:

Copyright © Imaginative World. All Rights Reserved.


Shadhin Ovidhan Desktop - Unicode based Open-source Bangla-English Dictionary.



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