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JQuery UI MVC Extensions
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Juime is an Imaginea's open source MVC library which provides rich JQuery UI widgets without getting into the nitty-gritty details of javascript. Built on top of JQuery UI, it provides an easy but advanced themeable widgets that can be used to build rich interactive web applications that run on all major browsers. All this can be done without leaving the well-known MVC framework and without expert knowledge of JQuery.

Juime is a rapid application development utility which is aimed to improve developer productivity while building new generation web applications and reduce the need for learning of the JQuery UI & ajax. Further it can act as a quick jump start into the modern web application development. ASP.NET MVC developers feel home with this.

Juime was built on the following design principles to provide simple yet efficient developer experience:

    •	Abstract complex JQuery and JQuery UI scripts

    •	Lightweight as it has only dll and a minified javascript

    •	Follows the ASP.NET Web Forms & MVC object hierarchy so that it is easily consumed

    •	Cross browser support

    •	Ease of use

    •	Open source with community support


Please refer the link: to see how Juime can be installed to the solution


Jquery and JQueryUI .js and .css files should be included Documentation

Check the url for documentation and usage: Releases

You can download files from here

Contact us

Feel free to email us at


All Rights Reserved. Juime is copyright (c) 2013-2014 Pramati Technologies Private Limited.

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