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Refer to How to's guide to see widgets documentation and how those widgets can be built using Juime

  • Accordion - Displays horizontally stacked content in collapsible/expandable format
  • AutoComplete - Lets user to find and select an item from pre-populated list of values as they type
  • Button - Augments the standard buttons like submit, reset to themeable buttons
  • ButtonSet - Represents a set of augmented and themeable standard buttons
  • DatePicker - Lets user select a date
  • Dialog - Enables user to open content in an interactive window
  • GridView - Data table with a set of data management functionalities
  • Menu - Themeable menu for navigation with n levels of children
  • ProgressBar - Displays the progress of any operation
  • RadioButton -Augments the standard Html radio button to themeable button
  • Slider - Lets user select a numeric value by dragging a handle
  • Spinner - Augments text input for entering numeric values by having up/down arrows
  • SwitchButton - Augments the standard Html checkbox to themeable button
  • Tab - Displays a content area with different panels having customizable content
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