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Android automation testing tool with Record and Replay features
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Android automation testing tool with record and replay features

What is bot-bot?

Bot-bot is an Opensource android automation testing tool. Bot-bot only needs an apk of the application that needs to be tested. It integrates itself automatically to the application for recording and test execution purpose. It provides features to record, store and run user-actions as test-case on an andorid app.More Info at

If you want to try bot-bot go to the Get started section.


Following are some of the main features of bot-bot:

  • Need only apk file of the application under test without the need of the source code.
  • Record user actions on simulator or using an actual phone.
  • Directly use Robotium/Nativedriver functions as keywords in testcases.
  • Edit/modify recorded cases on the server directly.
  • Allow the recorded cases to be exported in csv format
  • Data-driven support for any test-case
  • Emailable html report generation for test execution.


Please go to the download page on github to download the latest version of bot-bot.

Google group

For discussions and queries you can join bot-bot google group

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