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<plugin name='grails-runtime-docs' version='1.0.0-M2' grailsVersion='1.3.x &gt; *'>
<author>Srinath Anantha</author>
<title>Grails Runtime Docs</title>
Generates Java and Groovy documentation for a Grails Application from runtime including the dynamically added methods and properties.
Helps to easily navigate through the Grails artifacts by categorising all the classes into Controllers, Services, Domains, Commands
and Tag Libraries.
<resources />
<repository name='grailsCentral' url='' />
<repository name='' url='' />
<repository name='' url='' />
<repository name='grailsCore' url='' />
<repository name='mavenCentral' url='' />
<dependencies />
<plugins />
<runtimePluginRequirements />
<behavior />