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The Runtime Docs plugin generates both Java and Groovy documentation for a Grails Project. The groovy documentation is generated from run-time thereby facilitating to display even the dynamic methods and properties added to the grails artifacts from various sources. The HTML docs follow the standard documentation template and also adds "Dynamic Method Summary & Dynamic Method Detail" providing the source information of the dynamic methods.

The plugin also helps to easily navigate through the grails artifacts by further categorizing the classes into Controllers, Commands, Domains, Services and Tag Libraries.


First install the plug-in in your Grails Project by executing the following command :

grails install-plugin grails-runtime-docs

Start generating the documentation for your Grails Project by simply executing the following command:

grails runtime-docs

Java and Groovy documentation is then generated in target/docs directory.

Java Documentation Scope

The default scope set for Java documentation is Protected, which means documentation will be generated for all public/protected classes.

Note: To change the default scope, modify the 'access' property in 'RuntimeDocs.groovy' under 'javadoc' target to one of these available modes : public, protected, package, or private.

Groovy Documentation Scope

The default properties for Groovy documentation allows the plug-in to generate documentation for all classes including package/private classes.

Note: To enable/disable generation of documentation for a particular scope, set the values for the available publicScope, protectedScope, packageScope, and privateScope to true or false in 'RuntimeDocs.groovy' under 'groovydoc' target.

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