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A community library based on Ethereum blockchain, implemented using Solidity and Truffle
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LMS: A community library management system

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In this project we aim to create a peer to peer virtual library in a decentralized network, where every user can pool his/her books in the community. It is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain using Solidity, Truffle, Zeppelin and Node.js.

This project could have been built with a legacy tech stack but we chose Blockchain just to get familiar with it's Ecosystem and development process. With the current architecture it doesn't exploit all properties of Blockchain.


  1. Clone the repo
  2. install testrpc npm install -g ethereumjs-testrpc and truffle npm install truffle@3.2.5 -g
  3. Go to project dir and run npm install
  4. Run command - testrpc
  5. Run truffle compile, then run truffle migrate to deploy the contracts onto your network of choice (default "development").
  6. Then run npm start to build the app and serve it on http://localhost:8080


$ truffle console
truffle(development)> compile
truffle(development)>'Owner name')

If getOwner is a constant function, you will get the output immediately on the console

truffle(development)>"contract address").getOwner()   

if getOwner is not a constant function, use events (say Owner is an event).

truffle(development)>'contract address').getOwner()
truffle(development)>'contract address').Owner(function (e, result) { if (!e) {console.log(result)}})

Note: Don't forget to add any new contracts to the migration file.


We welcome contributions to this project, please feel free to raise PRs or Issues.

Fork -> Edit -> Submit pull requests.

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