Automatically download Raspbian and create customized SD card
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See Schlomos Blog for more details about this project.

If you have a lot of devices and need to provision the SD cards for them then you don't want any manual configuration, you want a fully automated solution. We use DEB packages to customize our systems. PCs and Laptops get installed with the help of a preseed file. Since Raspberry Pis don't do PXE boot this project is our replacement of preseed for Raspian.

Automatically download Raspbian and create a customized image:

  • Copies your SSH keys into root account and disables SSH password-based logins
  • Removes Raspian first-run stuff so that the first boot of the device will be production ready
  • Adds additional DEB repos and GPG keys
  • Installs additional DEB packages
  • Installs auto-upgrade cron job

This script does not simply copy a binary image file onto the SD card. Instead it modifies the Raspbian image in a chroot environment, partitions and formats the SD card with the required file systems and then copies the files to the SD card. As a result the file systems on the SD card always fill it up completely, without resizing.


  1. Clone/Checkout this project
  2. Install required dependencies:
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install kpartx qemu-user-static


  • Insert an SD card
  • Find out the block device of the SD card in /proc/partitions, e.g. /dev/mmcblk0
  • Run script: rpi-image-creator /dev/mmcblk0.

Advanced Usage

  • Dry-run script with rpi-image-create --chroot. This does everything except writing to an SD card. Instead it will put you into a chroot in the created image. Note: When you exit the chroot shell the chroot area is removed.