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Adding OptiFine

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Adding OptiFine

If you are using the Impact Installer as recommended in Installation, you simply need to install an OptiFine version before running the Impact Installer. You can download OptiFine from their website.

Impact Installer will detect any OptiFine versions you have installed, and will offer versions compatible with the Minecraft version you select.

Be sure to install an OptiFine version matching the minecraft version you wish to use Impact on, before running the Impact Installer.

Example installer

Manually adding OptiFine into Impact

If you prefer, a video tutorial is also available.

First, install Impact

See Installation

Download optifine here

You can find it here

Run the optifine installer

You will need Java on your system to do so

Navigate to your .minecraft folder

  • If you don't know where it probably is in %appdata%/.minecraft (for Windows)
  • Press Win+r and paste, or paste it in Windows Explore and hit enter

Copying the OptiFine file

  • Navigate into /versions
  • You will find the OptiFine and Impact folders here
  • First navigate into the folder of OptiFine that you want to install

You will see

      "name": "optifine:OptiFine:1.12.2_HD_U_E7" //can be anything else depending on your version,
      "MMC-hint": "local", // You might have to add this
      "MMC-filename": "OptiFine_1.13.2_HD_U_E7.jar" // You might have to add this
  • Copy that from YOUR optifine.json FILE

Editing Impact.json

  • Now go back to the versions and navigate to the folder and find the .json inside you wanted to install for
  • You will need to add paste what you copied here
  "+libraries": [
      "name": "optifine:OptiFine:1.12.2_HD_U_E7",
      "MMC-hint": "local",
      "MMC-filename": "OptiFine_1.13.2_HD_U_E7.jar"
    { ...

like this

Adding OptiFine's tweaker

Versions between 4.0 and 4.5 (and 4.6 1.12.2)
  • Go to
"minecraftArguments": "--username ${auth_player_name} --version ${version_name} --gameDir ${game_directory} --assetsDir ${assets_root} --assetIndex ${assets_index_name} --uuid ${auth_uuid} --accessToken ${auth_access_token} --userType ${user_type} --tweakClass clientapi.load.ClientTweaker",

and add in --tweakClass optifine.OptiFineForgeTweaker to the end of the argument/line like this

  "minecraftArguments": "--username ${auth_player_name} --version ${version_name} --gameDir ${game_directory} --assetsDir ${assets_root} --assetIndex ${assets_index_name} --uuid ${auth_uuid} --accessToken ${auth_access_token} --userType ${user_type} --tweakClass clientapi.load.ClientTweaker --tweakClass optifine.OptiFineForgeTweaker",
Versions from 4.6 (1.13.2) and up

Find the "+tweakers": [] section, it'll look like this:

    "+tweakers": [

Add "optifine.OptiFineForgeTweaker" to the +tweakers array so that it looks like:

    "+tweakers": [
	"optifine.OptiFineForgeTweaker" // Add this

Go to the main instance folder. You should see the .minecraft folder and the patches folder. This means you're in the right folder. In the main folder, create a folder called libraries. In the folder, copy and paste the optifine file that you downloaded. (The name should be something like OptiFine_1.13.2_HD_U_E7.jar.)

When it's completed just restart your launcher and you should have OptiFine.

[Advanced] Have multiple profiles consist of one having OptiFine and the other without

Before the editing impact.json step, you should make a copy of Impact's folder make sure to remember & copy what the folder was named and also rename the impact.json to whatever the folder was named

After done editing impact.json you will want to edit

  "id": "1.12.2-Impact_4.3",

to whatever the folder was named example of mine is

"id": "1.12.2-Impact_4.3-Optifine",

Now restart your launcher and you will find a new profile named whatever the folder was named if you did it correctly

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