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Setup FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions about installing and setting up the client. If you have a question about how to use it after it's installed, go to the Usage FAQ.

How do I install it?

Download the installer from the official website.

If you are on Windows, please use the Windows only version of the installer (unless you have issues with it, in which case try the .jar version of the installer). Non-Windows users should always use the .jar version.

Is there a video tutorial on how to install Impact?

Windows Tutorial

Mac OSX Tutorial

Linux Tutorial

I don't want to do your Adfly.

Good news, we no longer use Adfly!
If you are still being redirected to adfly, you probably have an old version of our website cached. Please clear your cache or hard-reload our site (usually Ctrl+Shift+R).

The download is stuck at 100%

This is an issue where your browser's download scanner is stalled, try a different one.

Specifically, try using Edge instead of Chrome.

My antivirus says the installer is a virus. Is it a virus?


Here is the source code which you can build for yourself.

Here is the clean VirusTotal scan for the installer .jar.

Here is the scan for the .exe. It previously triggered McAfee, but now the scan shows the .exe is completely clean.

I'm on Windows and it says it “protected my PC”

Opening the Installer on Windows

I'm on Mac and Finder won't let me open the installer

Opening the Installer on Mac

I'm on Linux and I can't run the installer / the client crashes immediately

Make sure you're running Java 8. (this isn't an issue on Mac or Windows since Minecraft bundles a JRE of that version)

I have downloaded your installer. What do I do with it?

Run it. Don't drag it into Minecraft, don't open it with WinRAR, don't add it as a Forge mod (Yes, people do all of these quite commonly.). If you got the .exe, run the .exe. If you got the .jar, run the .jar.

I have downloaded a jar. I don't care that it's called installer. My instincts are telling me to put it in .minecraft/mods and I can't control myself!!


I have opened your installer jar with WinRAR and I am determined to make this work without installing Java

Have fun

Where did the Baritone drop-down menu go? It used to be in the installer. Is Baritone no longer included?

Baritone is still included absolutely. All that was removed was your option to choose a specific Baritone version, as that was causing problems. (it just forces the latest release, which you should have done anyway)


Minecraft 1.12.2 only, w/ Impact 4.6 or newer. Use the installer.


Installing with MultiMC


Adding LiteLoader

How do I donate?

Donate Here

Where is the changelog? How do I know what is new?


👶😭 I don't want to run your installer can I just have the json/jar?

The json (or jar for Forge installs) is built by the Installer during installation. It is subtly different depending on which options you choose.
For these reasons, we don't provide pre-built versions of the jar or json and instead provide a single universal installer.

The forge jar built by the installer also contains 3rd party libraries, for legal reasons these should be sourced during installation and we will not distribute these as a single download.

None of that helped me =(

Ask in #help on the Discord.