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Usage FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions about how to use the client. Look at the Setup FAQ if you have a question about installation and setup.

How do I start? / ClickGUI won't open! / I can't toggle mods.

Once you're in game, open up ClickGUI. By default, this is bound to Right Shift. If this is changed somehow you can run .bind clickgui rshift in chat to reset it.

To open up ClickGUI once without a keybind, run .t clickgui in chat. Alternatively you can access ClickGUI via the minecraft menus: from either the Pause menu or the Main Menu, go to Impact->ClickGUI.

You can click and drag the panes around. Toggle things with left click, and expand things with right click. Many of the modules have suboptions.

How do I know what these modules do?

Each module and setting has a tooltip explaining what it does. This wiki has some pages too, there's a page for each pane.

How do I add blocks to X Ray? How do I add blocks to Search?

.xray add diamond_ore

.search add ender_chest

You can also use the respective GUIs under the Impact menu (not ClickGUI): from either the Pause menu or the Main Menu, go to Impact->Xray|Search.


Settings for Baritone are under Movement -> Baritone. This controls the behavior of the modules Auto Walk, Auto Mine, and Hunt, as well as Baritone's chat controlled features (such as .b click and .b farm). Freecam can be used at the same time as any of these (and is very worth trying out).

Baritone chat control usage

X-Ray doesn't work in 1.13 or 1.14 with OptiFine

Reinstall with no OptiFine.

This is one of those things that the installer warned you about with OptiFine can sometimes cause visual glitches in Impact; only include it if you need it. lol

I want to type a message in chat beginning with . or #

Use \. For example, .rotate rotates you and says nothing in chat, \.rotate says .rotate in chat.

If you need to type a message beginning with # you need to disable that prefix for baritone chat control. The command is .b prefixControl false.

I don't know how the setup for Spammer works! / I'm stuck in the Spammer!


(spoiler: you probably want :cancel)

Where is Anti Knockback

It's called Velocity, which is under Movement.

Where is entity speed?

Under Riding, which is under Movement.

I need help using the client (but it's not a bug or a new feature suggestion.)

#help on the discord.

I have a bug report or a new feature suggestion.

Put 'em here.

Impact crashes/does something weird when I run it with [insert amount here] other forge mods.

Look at the number of open bugs. Seriously take a look its here. Every single one of those occurs on normal Impact without Forge or any other mods, and so every single one of those is more important than some weird incompatibility where something doesn't work perfectly when you have literally dozens of other mods installed.

For this reason, any issue that only occurs on Forge will be closed immediately. Sorry. (There are few exceptions to this policy)

Inventory move doesn't work on 1.12.2 Forge

Correct, it does not. Since you're on Forge anyway, just add some other Forge mod to allow it there are like millions.

Come on, [insert client here] has it! Can't you just skid it?


Can I dupe with impact?

Depends on the dupe

What does Franky do?

It does exactly what you think it does

My Minecraft launcher crashes every time I try to run the game with Impact.