Add update_error flag to item before storing when there's an error. #95

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Currently error handling looks like:

  1. try an update
  2. if you fail, throw an error
  3. wait and try again
  4. repeat till the number of failures reaches a set limit (just one for aliases, more for metrics)
  5. quit, take the item off the queue, and store the error

Step five should do everything it does now, plus one new thing: set a flag in the doc indicating that the update didn't work. There should be two flags, metrics_update_error and aliases_update_error. The advantage of having two is that a metric update error just means you didn't get any data, but an alias update means that later metrics data may be there, but wrong...could be used in the UI down the road.

@jasonpriem jasonpriem closed this Apr 4, 2013
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