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Web app recreation of Catan (WIP)
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Web app recreation of Catan (WIP)





  • Trailblazers is just like the wonderful catan but with a few key features missing.
    • First, there is no robber.

    • The numbers are all random, so no list of board numbers

    • The bank is increase

    • No development cards (even though i do play on adding it later maybe?)

    • Everything else about the game is the same, buying roads, upgrading cities etc. Victory Points are only up to 8, as it can take a while


  • Built on React, Ant-Design and Duix
  • Works on most browsers (not IE, and if its does, well how?)
  • Builds with Parcel (1.0)


  • Node 10.x.x
  • Uses
  • Needs client to be built and moved into /r/ (as a directory)
  • Client files need to be updated in the main.js file (as the hashs from parcel are needed, unless remove but)

Thing to Fix (if I ever have time)

  • Probably should make the js files not have hashs when parcel builds so it can be built into the server?
  • Add a gulp script to do this?4
  • Better Documentation, probably wont happen as this was made in less than 3 weeks (not working on it full time)
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