GUIslice touchscreen GUI library in C for Raspberry Pi & Arduino, supporting SDL 1.2, SDL2 and Adafruit-GFX touch TFT
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GUIslice library

A lightweight GUI framework suitable for embedded displays

  • Website (
  • Documentation wiki (github)
  • Release notes
  • Support email: guislice @ impulseadventure . com

  • Pure C library, no dynamic memory allocation

  • Widgets: text, images, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, sliders, etc. plus extensions and multiple pages.
  • Platform-independent GUI core currently supports: SDL1.2, SDL2.0, Adafruit-GFX
  • Typical target: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Cortex M0 (Feather M0), LINUX
  • Typical displays: PiTFT, Waveshare, Adafruit TFT 2.2" / 2.8"
  • Supports touchscreen control
  • No GUIslice installation -- just add include files and go!
  • LINUX Dependencies: sdl, sdl-ttf, optional: tslib
  • Arduino Dependencies: Adafruit-GFX plus display (eg. ILI9341) / touch driver library (eg. STMPE610)


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