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GUIslice Builder:

  • Beta version of the GUIslice Builder desktop application has been added.
  • Binaries for Windows and LINUX are attached to this release note:
    • builder-win64-X.Y.Z.zip
    • builder-linux64-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
  • Please see GUIslice Builder Documentation for more installation and usage details.

Major changes since v0.10.3:

  • Add: Dynamic rotation GuiRotate() and fixed rotation per GSLC_ROTATE (#73, #72, #70, #55) and example ex17
  • Add: Support for touch orientation via GSLC_TOUCH_ROTATE, simplified configuration
  • Add: Anti-aliased font support for TFT_eSPI mode (#75, #63) and example ex19
  • Add: User touch handler class via DRV_TOUCH_HANDLER (#64) and ex16
  • Change: LINUX examples to use Noto font instead of Droid
  • Add: Parameterization to LINUX Makefile (GSLC_DRV and GSLC_TOUCH)
  • Add: Configuration for resistive touchscreen (DRV_TOUCH_ADA_SIMPLE) now adjusted in main config
  • Fix: Miscellaneous fixes for Arduino, STM32, LINUX
  • Change: Renamed compound element example ex05 to ex18
  • Change: ex05 changed to simplified multi-page demo
  • Change: SDL1 default disabled DRV_SDL_FIX_START workaround

Migration notes:

  • To utilize display rotation feature, config files should be updated.
  • This release adds a number of additional configuration parameters. The GSLC_TOUCH_ROTATE
    parameter is intended to replace the existing ADATOUCH_SWAP_XY, ADATOUCH_FLIP_X, ADATOUCH_FLIP_Y