Simple image hosting for the paranoid
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NOTE: This is just a toy project. You shouldn't try to actually use this yet.

Simple image hosting for the paranoid.

So how does this work? Well, before anything happens, the file you selected is encrypted locally with a random key. After that, the encrypted file is uploaded to the server and the server will respond with a url containing the location of the file. Locally, the key is appended to that url as a location hash property. This makes sure the key is never sent to the server if someone clicks on the link, while the client-side JavaScript code can still read it (which it has to, in order to decrypt the file if someone wants to view the image you linked).

Enjoy your placebo software.



  • Go 1.5 or newer (for vendoring support)


The entire codebase is licensed under AGPL unless stated otherwise.


Do I have to trust the server?

If you use the web interface

Yes, you do. The server could suddenly start serving a broken version of the NaCl library or malicious JavaScript code that steals the key for all you know.

If you only use the CLI client

To not delete your files? Yes. Other than that? No.

Why are you using Salsa20, a stream cipher, to encrypt files?

Because for small files, it really doesn't matter whether you're using a block cipher or a stream cipher. Salsa20 has a really good reputation and is a lot faster than some other ciphers like AES.

Tests done with a 500 KB image (using SJCL for the AES implementation):

salsa20 x 39.49 ops/sec ±0.89% (40 runs sampled)
aes-256 x 3.66 ops/sec ±3.44% (14 runs sampled)

What about all those horror stories I heard about JavaScript crypto?

They're all true. You can use the included desktop CLI client if you prefer.

The html/css/whatever looks horrible. What's up with that?

Tell me about it.