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Various plugins and themes for use in wordpress. Using classes when possible.


The WP Companion is a wordpress plugin that does a host of things.

  • Megamenu with custom nav structure.
  • Shortcode for links to posts, documents, image with links
  • Shortcode for gallery, html snippets.
  • Widgets for Related links (parent, sibling, children, category posts)
  • Font resizer working with jquery.cookies

See more:

Page Generator

Generate multi level Pages from excel

See more:

WP Admin

An assortment of Wordpress Admin / core features

  • Snippets like TrueMultisite - separate DBs for same code base.
  • Multisite Plugin Overview to see what is installed where. See demo.
  • Reseed - change/reorganize ids to make contiguous, change wp_posts identity and trash posts / remove drafts.
  • HtmlGen - Dynamically generate and update post_content so that search works. Get the best of both worlds.
  • Scripts - library for extra / custom reusable assets.
  • Functions - cs_var for runtime variables, _nl for whitespace fanatics, CHtml from yii.
  • CSAdminBase - base class for admin pages, easily print headings, forms, messages. check and log actions.

See more about this plugin here