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Commits on Sep 25, 2011
  1. @QAston
  2. @Shauren

    Scripts/Spells: Bloodlust/Heroism handling changed, it is now possibl…

    Shauren authored
    …e to use these spells even if caster is under Sated/Exhaustion debuff
  3. @QAston

    Core/Spells: spell effect handling improvements

    QAston authored
    * Call spell effect handlers in 4 modes:
       - SPELL_EFFECT_HANDLE_LAUNCH - called when spell is launched (cast just finished)
       - SPELL_EFFECT_HANDLE_LAUNCH_TARGET - called when spell is launched for each target in spell target map
       - SPELL_EFFECT_HANDLE_HIT - called when spell hits its destination
       - SPELL_EFFECT_HANDLE_HIT_TARGET - called when spell hits it's target from spell target map
    *Remove spell system hacks which became obsolete with this commit
    add OnEffectLaunch, OnEffectLaunchTarget, OnEffectHit, OnEffectHitTarget hooks for new effect handle modes and remove OnEffect hook.
    A generic rule of thumb how to update your scripts (will work for nearly all cases) for spell system noobs:
    if your spell script used GetHitXXXX function, you need to use OnEffectHitTarget, otherwise use
Commits on Sep 24, 2011
  1. @Shauren

    Core/Scripts: Added NULL checks to new target selectors, threat refer…

    Shauren authored
    …ences aren't guaranteed to be valid always, also added (default true) player typeid check to NonTankTargetSelector
  2. @Shauren

    Core/Scripts: Implemented 2 new target selectors, one specialized for…

    Shauren authored
    … spells, checking auras, range and attributes; and the other is a very simple non-tank selection what is sufficient for most cases
  3. @QAston

    Core/Spells: Add more generic overload for Unit::CastSpell function a…

    QAston authored
    …nd make all cast functions use it as a base.
  4. @Discover-- @kaelima


    Discover-- authored kaelima committed
    Fix quests:
    - Weakness to Lightning (closes #2980 and #2996)
    - Help Tavara (closes #651 and #2744)
    Convert Animal Blood from EAI to SAI (closes #3024)
  5. @Machiavell1

    Scripts/Ulduar/Flame Leviathan: Fix RX-214 Repair-o-matic station.

    Machiavell1 authored
    Note: Due to an aura system bug, the dummy cooldown aura is refreshed every time the trap spell is cast instead of expiring like it should.
  6. @Shauren
  7. @QAston


    QAston authored
    …TARGET_EXPLICIT instead.
Commits on Sep 23, 2011
  1. @QAston

    Merge pull request #3146 from Havenard/fix0001

    QAston authored
    Reimplement WorldObject::IsInBetween() to work as intented.
  2. @Machiavell1

    Scripts/Ulduar/XT-002: Add gameobject handling for XT-002 door and bo…

    Machiavell1 authored
    …undary checking during the encounter.
  3. @QAston
  4. @QAston
  5. @Spp-
Commits on Sep 22, 2011
  1. @Machiavell1


    Machiavell1 authored
    - Fix arm respawn and reinstall events
    - Fix possible erratic event timers
    - Fix Focused Eyebeams after recent spell system changes
    - Fix looting the chest after the encounter
  2. @Shauren
  3. @Machiavell1
  4. @QAston

    Merge pull request #2915 from idostyle/armorPen

    QAston authored
    Core/Mechanics: Cap armorPen to maxArmorPen - prevents having armor penetration rating greater than 100%.
Commits on Sep 21, 2011
  1. @Shocker

    Merge pull request #3160 from Fredi/developer

    Shocker authored
    Scripts/Commands: Added .dev command to show <Dev> tag in nickname
  2. @Rochet2 @Fredi
  3. @QAston
  4. @QAston

    Scripts/TwinValkyr: Fix build.

    QAston authored
  5. @QAston
  6. @QAston

    Merge pull request #3086 from LihO/master

    QAston authored
    Core/Groups: Refactored sending of update packets.
    Closes #1042.
  7. @QAston

    Merge pull request #3143 from megamage/master

    QAston authored
    Threat manager. Fix crashes #2396 and #2992.
  8. @Kiperr @QAston

    Merge pull request #3040

    Kiperr authored QAston committed
    Core/Spell: Fix spell related to reputation in Oracle and Frenzy faction
  9. @QAston

    Merge pull request #2908 from Drethek/TwinsValk

    QAston authored
    Twins Valk - Cleanup / Remove Hardcoded Bullet Spawn (Need DB Support - Stalkers Spawns)
    Acidmaw - Use Correct Submerge Spell
    Trial Of Crusader - Correct Coordinate Spawn
    Trial Of Crusader - Correct Open/Close Main Door Timer
    Trial Of Crusader - Open/Close On Boss EnterEvadeMode
Commits on Sep 20, 2011
  1. @Havenard
  2. @streetrat
  3. @streetrat

    Core/SmartAI: fixed SMART_ACTION_SOUND, note: target(s) must be playe…

    streetrat authored
    Signed-off-by: Rat <>
  4. Fix the incorrect logic of threat online status check. Also add targe…

    megamage authored
    …ts in other map or phase to offline container.
  5. Do not add spell-caused threat to creatures in other map or phase. Fi…

    megamage authored
    …x crashes #2396 and #2992.
    Note: Threat system is still thread-unsafe. This patch only reduces the chance of crash.
  6. @Shauren

    Core/World: Shutdown messages are now sent in blizzlike intervals (ev…

    Shauren authored
    …ery 15 seconds under 5 minutes and every minute under 15 minutes)
  7. @Shauren

    Core/Scripts: Reverted part of 7afb179, fixes selecting random target…

    Shauren authored
    … starting at given position
    Closes #3127
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