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Headless Insync container rpi ready!
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My Turn...A proper working Insync image for the Raspberry Pi

Insync requires you download their bz2 "portable" package for utilization on rpi. Luckily, insync-portable operates almost exactly the same as insync-headless does meaning most commands work exactly as intended.

My changes include:

  • Dockerfile now downloads armhf release
  • Launcher is now in line with running portable out of its extrated directory
  • s6 executes a pre and post script by utilizing cont-init.d but also 99-insync-setup which runs after the service as started to configure your account!
  • Removed a bunch of guck like zabbix config, licensing, etc..

Things I should still do:

  • Add more logging about what the script is doing for verbosity
  • Cleanup any statically defined references that could utilize a variable instead (i.e. BINARY_LOCATION)
  • Actually test multiple accounts works?
  • Insert option to not automatically start syncing (a -n to the add_account command)
  • Modify and test helper scripts for managing your account manually.

Resources used:

Note I modified this container for my use hence it is missing a few checks and niceties (including testing). I don't recommend you try using this unless you know what you're doing and like rolling up your sleeves. However, it will work swimmingly given you pass the right variables and have no alternate plans...

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Dockerfile to build an Insync container image to synchronize Google Drive.

  • Supports Multiple Accounts

  • This Container uses a customized Debian Linux base which includes s6 overlay enabled for PID 1 Init capabilities, zabbix-agent based on TRUNK compiled for individual container monitoring, Cron also installed along with other tools (bash,curl, less, logrotate, nano, vim) for easier management. It also supports sending to external SMTP servers..



Table of Contents


You must have a license for Insync and authorize your Google Account with the Application.


Automated builds of the image are available on Registry and is the recommended method of installation.

docker pull tiredofit/insync:(imagetag)

The following image tags are available:

  • latest - Most recent release of Insync w/Debian Jessie

Quick Start



The container will create a folder for the account to be synced upon startup.

The following directories are used for configuration and can be mapped for persistent storage.

Directory Description
/root/.config/Insync For configuration storage and Databases
/data Root Backup Directory

Environment Variables

Along with the Environment Variables from the Base image, below is the complete list of available options that can be used to customize your installation.

Parameter Description
INSYNC1_USERNAME Primary Your GDrive Username e.g.
INSYNC1_AUTH_CODE Primary Authorization Code provided by Google
INSYNC1_DOWNLOAD Primary How to download files link (.gdoc), ms-office (.docx), open-document (.odt) - Default link
INSYNC2_USERNAME Secondary Your GDrive Username e.g.
INSYNC2_AUTH_CODE Secondary Authorization Code provided by Google
INSYNC2_DOWNLOAD Secondary How to download files link (.gdoc), ms-office (.docx), open-document (.odt) - Default link
INSYNC3_USERNAME Third Your GDrive Username e.g.
INSYNC3_AUTH_CODE Third Authorization Code provided by Google
INSYNC3_DOWNLOAD Third How to download files link (.gdoc), ms-office (.docx), open-document (.odt) - Default link
PROXY_HOST Name of Proxy Host e.g. proxy
PROXY_PORT Port of Proxy e.g. 3128
PROXY_USER (Optional) Username for Proxy e.g. user
PROXY_PASS (Optional) Password for Proxy e.g. password


No Ports Exposed


Selectively Syncing Files

  • Enter the container and execute manage_sync and use the Ncurses Interface

Ignoring Files/Folders

  • Enter the container and execute manage_ignore and use the Ncurses Interface

Shell Access

For debugging and maintenance purposes you may want access the containers shell.

docker exec -it (whatever your container name is e.g. insync) bash


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